Trial Work

Would you consider going to a heart surgeon who had never performed an operation? Of course not. Yet many individuals are doing just that when they pick an attorney out of the phone book. If you need to go to court you need an attorney that has had courtroom experience. An attorney who has successfully tried cases will know what he is doing and will in all probability have the respect of the attorney on the other side. This is helpful when trying to settle a case without a trial. If you were a trial lawyer and knew your opponent never tries his cases would you offer him a fair settlement? Therefore, when you speak to an attorney you should ask him if he has successfully tried jury trials.

Richard C. Lombardi began practicing law in Portage County with the law firm of Loomis, Poland, Wilson and Griffith in 1972. He became a partner in that law firm. He specialized in trial work successfully trying many jury trials. He has done both insurance defense work and has represented people who are injured and therefore has seen cases from both sides. He has represented insurance companies such as Grange Mutual, Motorists mutual and Cincinnati Insurance Company.

I cannot promise or guarantee a certain result in any kind of case. I can promise that I'll give your case my best effort, that I'll answer your questions, return your phone calls, and keep you well advised on your case.

On our Rear End Case page, you can read about a recent case the undersigned tried to a jury involving an injury.

This write up was reported in Vol. 12, number 9 of the Ohio Trial Reporter, which is a summary of Civil Jury Verdicts from around Ohio. Every trial lawyer I discussed this case with estimated a verdict of no more than $50,000.

The insurance company only offered $20,000. There were no broken bones or hospitalizations other than treatment in the emergency room. The jury's verdict was for $200,000.